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Made in USA Challenge Labour Behind the Label Trust
Made in USA Challenge
Labour Behind the Label Trust
Made in USA Challenge
Made in USA Challenge

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My Story

The average American purchases nearly 70 pieces of new clothing per year. This equates to new 20 billion garments bought in the US. A mere 2% of this apparel is made in the USA.

Americans have become dependent on the "fast fashion industry". Cheap, disposable clothing readily available in everyday shops has created a pattern of increased consumption and waste. While the demand for the latest trends has grown exponentially, creating wealth for large clothing brands, the wages of the garment workers actually making these products remain stagnant. Struggling to feed our need for a endless influx of new apparel, garment workers are subject to dangerous labor conditions, often ending in tragedy. Most corporations have no idea where their outsourced products are being made, or under what conditions. The result is rampant child and slave labor, human rights violations, and products being manufactured without environmental regulations or safety standards.

After learning that there is no US branch of the Six Item Challenge, I hope to spearhead a local movement to get Americans involved.

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